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El Yunque rainforest - snorkeling- biobay tours -hiking-

El Yunque Rainforest, Biobay, Offshore Snorkeling, Visit Culebra, Nature Reserves, Faro Punta Tuna.

DISCOUNTED TOURS: BOOK EARLY! Tours do sell out! Surfing Lessons in Luquillo

Book through the office for our guest discount.

Sail to Icacos aboard the modern 51 ft. sailing catamaran from Villa Marina in Fajardo at 10 AM return approx. 3:30PM. Visits the little sandy islands of Icacos and Lobos. Includes gear and all you can eat sandwich buffet lunch freshest food! Sodas and Piña Coladas are free. Mixed drinks and beer for sale. After lunch the boat is moved to a tropical reef for snorkeling, gear provided. Special discount price is $60. per person, when booked through the office.
ISLAND FLYER EXCURSIONS The easiest way to see Culebra. Travel on a power cat, fast, smooth and comfortable ( about 50 minutes to Culebra). Anchor off Culebra for snorkeling on Luis Peña Nature Reserve. Then on to Flamenco Beach or Culebrita and a Buffet Lunch. Restrooms and showers on board. Leaves at 9:30 AM and returns by 4 pm from Marina Del Rey. Stop at the office to get your beach towel for the trip. Discounted price is $89. per person plus tax, tips and the DNR fee., when booked through the office. Photo below right.

SEA VENTURES DIVE CENTERS for experienced Scuba Divers and Discover Scuba for beginners. . 20% Discount when booked through hotel front desk. 5 star member of PADI Licensed and Coast Guard inspected boats. Fajardo has beginner to medium dives from 30 ft. to 70 ft. deep. Palms led Mar has intermediate and advanced spots. 50 to 120 ft. 35 different dive sites! Caverns, overhangs, perches, a ledge and a small steep wall. Morning dives meet by 8 AM return by 12:30 noon. Offshore NE Puerto Rico and Bequests Island. Two tanks doe certified divers, discount price $95. Discover Scuba discounted price $120. and Snorkeling discounted price is $48. These discount prices must be booked through the office.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or requests. 787-889-1713 and 787-409-2929. email:

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EL YUNQUE RAINFOREST: The El Yunque National Rainforest's entrance road is only a ten minute drive from the hotel. Once you start up road #191 there is much to see along the way to the top of the road, where you could park your car. The Mt. Britton trail is paved and a 45 minute walk up, 30 minutes down again! Experience the clouds swirling around you or, on a clear day up there, the views are fabulous. The Mt. Britton trail itself takes you through the palm forest level and up to the beginning of the windswept dwarf forest.
  Several trails from the road up lead to waterfalls, where you can jump in! Get the free map from the hotel office. Highly recommended is the nature walk from Palo Colorado Station every hour on the half hour, it is an easy walk with a knowledgeable guide $5. The gazebos below the facility are a great destination for a picnic. The Visitors Center as you enter the forest is a nice stop. Exhibits, gift shop and an educational film $3. pp. You may want to take rain gear with you! Puerto Rican Parrot
endangered species Puerto Rican parrots found in the recovery program
BIOLUMINESCENT LAGOONS The Biobay in Fajardo is easily reached by car. You can experience the bioluminescent lagoon by small electric boat or by kayak. Puerto Rico Kayaks is a good option, there are many kayak companies (book well in advance). Electric boats hold only 6 persons 'Bio Island' Call tel. 787-422-7857. Or Captain Suarez. Call tel. 787-655-2739 ( no last minute reservations). Ask about a full moon kayak tour! The biobay on a moonless night is one of the worlds more unique experiences. You would have to overnight in Vieques to visit that biobay.
  BIOLUMINESCENSE Lagoons are filled with over 700,000 microscopic dinoflagellates per gallon that light up when disturbed. This phenomena is created in red mangrove lined lagoons which provide an overabundance of food and ideal conditions to support such an unusually dense colony of organisms. It must be a moonless night for your eyes to see them. Check the Moon chart for best viewing (no visible moon) nights. Ask about a full moon kayak tour!
kayaking in the mangrove biobay lagoons

Water Taxi: Captain Mingo operates a water taxi and can drop off and pick you up later at Icacos Key or Palominitos Key. All about Icacos. No facilities, take everything with you. Call Mingo at tel. 787-383-6509.

Fajardo Island Hop and Snorkel
. Mini Boat tour. Be the captain of your own 13" inflatable motorized boat. Excursion includes fully equipped mini boat with fruits, snacks and refreshments, professionally guided snorkeling, Departs from Fajardo. Make your reservations in the office.

  Elena's Private Charter Snorkel Tour to 3 offshore sandy keys surrounded by reefs. Snorkel 3 reefs & picnic on your 'own' little island. Visit Icacos, Lobos and Palominitos keys. Right: Feed the Blue Tang on Lobos reef. 4 hours - private tours. 6 people max. Advance reservations. Afternoon Sunset Tour can mix groups. Swimming but no snorkeling. 6 people max. call 787-297-3228. $45. pp. Combines well with biobay tour, same dock.
Elenas motorboat snorkel tour underwater blut tang
Rain Forest ZIP LINING. Fly over the canopy of El Yunque rainforest, going from tree to tree. Experience this adventure in a safe and respectful environment. Closest Zip lining adventure to the hotel. Book in the office discounted price is Kids 6-10 $50., Teens 11-15 $69. and Adults 16 and over $84.

For a more extreme zip lining all day trip you could try ACAMPA, they offer a variety of tours. They provide transportation from their meeting place.

CARABALI HORSEBACK RIDING and more. Just a short drive away from the hotel, a variety of 'things to do' from ATV to Horseback Riding and a restaurant.. Located well below the rain forest. Many of our guests enjoy the horseback trail trip. Great opportunity for kids and teenagers.

Palmas del Mar ( 45 minute drive away) offers horseback riding, a very popular place to ride, on the beach. Excellent facilities..

Horseback riding
MONKEY ISLAND For a real Puerto Rican adventure take the La Paseadora boat ride in Playa de Naguabo. La Paseadora tour boat with captain Paco tel. 787-316-0441 ( fun for kids) 500 Rhesus monkeys were brought to this 37 acre little island in 1938 and the present population is about 1,200. Intensely studied by both the University of PR and Columbia U. These monkeys are well fed. They co-exist with the iguanas. This is a pleasant boat ride on the weekends. Our office staff can best arrange this for you.
  PANORAMIC DRIVE PUNTA TUNA (right) Drive south on the toll expressway #52 to the end. ( Yabucoa) Make a right at the traffic light, next light turn left, then left again onto road # 901. Follow this road around some of Puerto Ricos' most scenic views, go through the tunnel, take a right then next left onto small road that goes to the lighthouse, beaches and restaurants. 5 pages of photos Maunabo, 1 hour drive each way. Plan on a good half day of scenic adventure. NO swimming.
Punta Tuna lighthouse Faro in Maunabo
HUMACAO NATURE RESERVE is a lovely place to walk through a coconut plantation to the coast. As you walk on the raised walkway between 'ponds' large green iguanas leap into the water from the trees! It is amazing to see how they can belly flop from such heights. Fun place for kids as well as adults. Located on road # 3 just north of Humacao. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The green iguanas are not native to Puerto Rico, and have no natural enemies here, other than man. They are edible!
  Team Spirit Hanggliding Tandem Instructional Flight. Fly with us over the rainforest and beautiful valleys of Puerto Rico. Fully endorsed by the Puerto Rico Tourism Co. and USHGA certified instructors. You MUST book this 'lesson' well in advance. Subject to weather conditions. Team Spirit offers a full range of courses all designed to teach students the art of free flight. With the combined experience of over 20 years, dedicated to high-quality, personalized and safe instruction.
Hanggliding in Puerto Rico

CULEBRA AND VIEQUES ISLANDS: The ferry ride to Culebra is about 1 1/2 hours and to Vieques about an hour. On calm days this can be a pleasant excursion, on rough days the trip to Culebra, especially, is very rough. Once on either of the islands your time is somewhat limited, as the last ferry back from VIeques leaves at 6 pm and from Culebra 5 pm. You need to be at the dock considerably earlier. Tickets to Vieques are less in demand and easier to get than to Culebra. You may need to wait in line for hours for a Culebra ticket. Ask in the office for ferry schedules.

If you go to Vieques the morning ferry leaves at 9:30 am and you get to Vieques around 10:45. Hop in a Publico (shared van) or take a taxi to 'CARACAS' beach for a few hours, then perhaps go to the little tourist town of Esperanza for a late lunch on the boardwalk, return to the ferry dock by 5:15 pm .

The morning ferry to Culebra leaves at 9 am. You can easily get transportation to the fabulous Flamenco Beach. You can also fly round trip to Culebra, it is a 15 minute flight with dramatic views.

All about Vieques .. All about Culebra Beaches.... Aquarius Culebra, Snorkeling by kayak, includes round trip ferry tickets.

: 2 day specials including food, drinks and a Captain. Carousel Custom Charters.

Air Flamenco’s services to Culebra call 787-534-4220 , or check their web site.

Vieques Air Link’s services to Vieques or Culebra, you can call 787-534-4222, or check their web site

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or requests. 787-889-1713 and 787-409-2929. email: