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The Island of Puerto Rico is part of the US and American citizens do not need a passport to visit Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans serve in the US Military and we use the same US Postal Service and the US dollar, of course.

You will need a rental car. You should reserve your car in advance, they will pick you up just outside the baggage claim area, at the San Juan airport ( SJU) be sure you have their telephone number handy. You should confirm their operating house, not all car rental agencies are open 24 hours a day. Taxi service is available but very expensive. Without a rental car you will $150. to visit El Yunque rainforest, with your own car it is free. There is no charge for our secure, gated parking at the Inn. There is no public transportation after you leave the San Juan metro area.

Free Travel Maps to Puerto Rico click here.

Luquillo Sunrise Beach Inn is a 45 minute drive east of the airport, in the small town of Luquillo, located just off Hwy.#3. As you exit your car rental agency head south on Hwy # 26. Stay in the left lane as it ends. Follow the lane that turns into Route # 66 ( a toll road, you should turn the automatic toll payment on when you pick up the car, you can not pay cash on the toll roads) You stay on road #66 until it comes to an end and feeds into Hwy #3, a more local road.

Once you are on #3 drive East about 15 minutes. Pass signs to the El Yunque National Rainforest. Just after your first glimpse of the ocean to your left, then a row of about 50 Kiosks, signs will say Luquillo. Turn left at the traffic light of Luquillo, Drive the short block which ends, then take the right... first or second left will take you to the ocean and a large metal modern sculpture. The Inn is the second building on the left once you reach the ocean.

Recommendations: At your first opportunity stop at a gas station and buy a proper road map ( It will say Metro Data on it ( $4.) Second suggestion is, if you are driving a vehicle with GPS or have your own you will find it often does not help so you need the real road map in addition to the GPS.. FYI: the car rental agency maps are not very helpful.

See daytime, scenic, alternate route from airport below.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. 787-889-1713 and 787-409-2929. email: info@Luquillo

Map to the Luquillo SUnrise Beach Inn in Luquillo town

There is an alternative scenic route East from San Juan. Traveling along the North Shore from the airport through the Piñones area on Road # 187. This is a beautiful drive along the coast lines with gorgeous beaches and coconut trees. But this is strictly for daytime travel and CAUTION should be used i secluded beach areas. NEVER take this winding, narrow, isolated road in the dark! It can be crowded with traffic jams, especially on weekends and holidays and often will take 2 hours to travel this 25 mile road! Plan accordingly.

Should you have time and inclination simply stay on road #187 east until you cross over the bridge on the Rio Loiza. Go to the next stop light and turn right, this will take you out to road #3 where you turn left and east and drive to Luquillo.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. 787-889-1713 and 787-409-2929. email: info@Luquillo