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ACROSS THE STREET: The surf is usually breaking across the street and you can watch the surfers from the balcony. Or sit on the beach, play in the shallows and work on your tan. Directly across the street the waters are often rough and is not safe to swim. Just a few blocks to the west of the hotel is 'the point' (photo above), which is protected by reef and a safer place to swim. On calm days the snorkeling is great.
  The Fishermen cast their nets right off the beach across the street, when the fish are running. Pelicans fish these waters as well. Great fun to be in the water and have a Pelican splash down a few meters away. Watch to see if they lift their head up and swallow.. means they caught a fish! This beach changes seasonally. This beach is called 'La Pared' and is famous for surfers.
Snorkling the Luquillo Reefs
WALK EAST OF THE HOTEL: Just beyond town, about 4 blocks east, starts the NORTH EAST CORRIDOR NATURE RESERVE with miles and miles of pristine sand and sea. This is the second most important Leatherback turtle nesting site in the Caribbean! In the months of March through July we head to the beach in the very early morning hours looking for tracks left by the giant sea turtles as they slowly crawl from the water up the sand to a safe
  distance to make a nest. They have swum thousands of miles to return to the very same beach they were born, to lay their eggs. You can follow the nestings on our tracking charts. The Leatherback turtles are so heavy and awkward that they only nest on a beach with waves that can help them get out of the ocean! During the nesting months we take early morning walks into the reserve to look for nests and babies.
Giant Leatherback turtles nesting grounds
WALK WEST OF THE HOTEL: Just a few blocks west is the point, with calmer water, Photos above left). Keep on walking and 'Playa Azul' with a milder surf and wider beach. Good conditions for body surfing, when the waves are just right.. Keep on walking to the very end of the road and the beach is totally protected from the surf by barrier reef. A good place to learn to snorkel in shallow waters, no currents nor waves, a peaceful place to sit in your beach chair under a coconut tree. Great spot for small kids to play.
  Keep on walking and you arrive at the famous Balneario Luquillo, a perfect crescent with calm waters, facilities and gorgeous view of the mountains, the perfect sunset spot. You can rent kayaks here. Food is available. This is an official 'Public Beach'. Feeling a bit lazy? you can drive here, small parking fee. You should not walk back from nor be here after dark. The most perfect beach for small children to play. No snorkeling available here. Balneario Video
taking it easy on beach chairs


Not only is Luquillo blessed with 5 of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico, traveler reviews have rated 7 of the restaurants in Luquillo in the top 4% of all of Puerto Rico! Generations of Puerto Ricans have known this 'secret' for years and travel to Luquillo to celebrate family events with our famous local seafoods. After your fun day of touring El Yunque Rainforest, beach combing or water sports, you can easily walk from the Inn to a wide variety of restaurants and experience the wonderful food and ambiance of Luquillo. A truly unique Puerto Rican experience.  

Board Riders (lunch and dinner), The Brass Cactus, (lunch and dinner) El Rincon del Sabor (lunch and dinner) Pasta y Pueblo (dinner), Kings Seafood (lunch and dinner), Aromas Coffee and Crepes (lunch) on the Plaza. Ernestinas (lunch) We have maps for you in the office to the restaurants of Luquillo, just ask our staff...
Also, less than a 5 minute drive away are the equally famous Kiosks of Luquillo - all 50 varieties of them! ranging from fine dining to casual cafes. #2 La Parilla - Ay Bonito! #21 Revolution Pizza # 34!



Lessons are by appointment only

• Stand-up paddleboard (SUP) lessons, rentals, and tours
• Surfboard Rentals (shortboard, funboard, longboard, bodyboard)
• Guided tours to nearby La Selva Beach and others

Bob Roberts offers private surfing lessons for first time beginners to advanced levels.
Across the street from the hotel, 'La Pared' Beach is one of the only sand bottom / sand beach surf spots in PR. Conditions are usually good for teaching, the water is about waist
deep and always warm. call or email: < >

Bob and his guides are great at getting you up on a board! He is NSSIA certified and very experienced at this. Call BOBS' SURF LESSONS tel. 787-435-1760. Great for the whole family.

Local Luquillo restaurants to walk to
DRIVE TO SEVEN SEAS & BEYOND: The other end of the Nature Reserve that starts at Luquillo is accessed through 'Seven Seas' Beach in Fajardo. Another 'Public Beach' with facilities, food and parking ( small fee). A great walk to the far end will take you on a path through the 'woods' to a choice of two beaches, the left branch takes you out to the end of the Reserve, where you could, theoretically walk miles and miles back to Luquillo. Photo at right. The right fork in the path leads you to a unique spectacular little cove, usually too rough to swim here.
  If you were to go beyond 'Seven Seas' beach to the right You can walk for miles until you reach the cliffs of the Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve. The beach is open to all, but to enter the reserve you would need an advance reservation and pay a $10. pp fee. They give narrated tours in their open trolleys and visit a mangrove lagoon, a rocky beach and the lighthouse. Small museum. For more info. Reservations tel. 787-722-5882. Reserve online. 'Meet Las Cabezas'
Beyond Seven Seas beach you can walk for miles or start at Luquillo and walk East
High Surf Days in Luquillo. 'La Pared' (the wall) is a great place to watch the surfers and the waves. For calm waters and a nice swimming area we recommend the Balneario. This is a 30 minute walk along the shore or a 5 minute drive. Seven Seas will be rough and boating is out for the day. You could plan a visit to the El Yunque rainforest, which is not affected by coastal weather and rough seas. A trip to Old San Juan
  might be in order as well. See the Local Attractions page for more options such as a panoramic drive to the Faro Punta Tuna Lighthouse or the Humacao Reserve for a lovely walk through a coconut plantation for birdwatching ( and iguana watching). They rent kayak there. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.
La Pared bench on a high surf day